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At the Nationwide Caterers Association we’re really proud of the way we look after our members.

But it’s not just members that we care about. We’ve been working in this industry for over 30 years and, as you can imagine, we’re pretty attached to it. That’s why we work really hard every year to improve the face of the whole industry, as well as taking care of members.

You might not have realised but you’ve already benefited from the work NCASS does on your behalf.

Here are some of the ways we help UK caterers

How many risk assessments have you come across… ONLINE? NCASS has developed a fully editable online risk assessment; that means you can update your legal documentation whenever you change your processes. Online risk assessments are moving caterers to pastures new.

Remember when allergen labeling law changed? NCASS provided everything that any caterer would need to trade legally under the new rules… Absolutely free of charge. All the information and downloadable tools that caterers need are still available for free in The Allergen Hub.

Over the years UK caterers have saved thousands and thousands of pounds simply by buying equipment through We have been able to create several great deals with suppliers and our prices are very low as a result. Everything sold through NCASS is legally compliant, well-made and easy to maintain.

Our primary authority partnerships with Milton Keynes Council and West Yorkshire Fire Department allow NCASS caterers to trade to Government assured advice and guidance. When caterers are trading at that level, they make the industry at large look a whole lot better.

Every year we send hundreds of thousands of emails to keep traders informed and up-to-date about anything and everything to do with the mobile catering industry. If you’d like to get on the receiving end of our helpful emails, just sign up here.

The NCASS TV channel (OK, it’s a YouTube channel really) is brimming with loads of information about mobile catering and street food. Caterers use our videos to help themselves get started and to learn more about the industry.

NCASS training courses are the most established and respected in the entire catering industry. Written by people with real experience, audited by Milton Keynes Council and accredited by City & Guilds, thousands of caterers and their staff learn with NCASS Training every year.

NCASS immediately opened our members’ legal helpline to all traders who had worked at the 2014 Galtres Festival when the festival refused to pay back money that traders had earned through a ‘cashless’ payment system.

NCASS is continuing to work with the Association of Independent Festivals to produce a Code of Practice for outdoor events and festivals.

Through our partnership with Glastonbury’s Green Trader Awards, NCASS has rewarded catering businesses that have made trading green a priority, and we’re still encouraging others to ‘make the green leap’.

NCASS collaborated with the Food Standards Agency on the Regulating Our Future project. We surveyed members and non-members alike so that we could represent caterers’ voices when the FSA made decisions on legislation changes that would affect the mobile catering industry.

Last year we brought together food traders, organisers, stakeholders, local council departments, property developers and educators to create the West Midlands Street Food Alliance.

Using EU funding, the alliance shares advice and resources to develop, promote and support the local street food industry in the West Midlands. One of its primary objectives is to assist up to 30 current local street food businesses to make the leap from street food into bricks and mortar establishments in the West Midlands. Together we hope to create employment and regenerate derelict areas to improve tourism.

Want to join the family?

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