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Bringing together local authorities, event organisers and mobile traders.

About Connect

NCASS Connect unites event organisers, environmental health officers and traders to ensure a more compliant and efficient industry. The revolutionary platform is free to use and is available to all local authorities, event organisers and mobile traders.

“The mobile problem”

Irrespective of whether you’re a trader, an event organiser or an enforcement officer, you’ll likely be aware that it can be difficult for authorities to track, inspect and subsequently rate mobile caterers.

Many traders don’t work exclusively in their registered borough where their local authority would usually inspect them, which means that enforcement officers are often unsure of when and where the mobile caterers are trading. It also means that EHOs don’t know when a caterer received their last inspection, or whether they should be inspecting them.

This means that some traders struggle to get an inspection which is an industry-wide problem, impacting traders, event organisers, EHOs and importantly – customers. Conversely, some traders receive multiple inspections per year; one NCASS member was inspected fifteen times at sixteen events, maintaining their ‘5’ FHR throughout. This is a waste of both time and resources for the local authority and the caterer who was inspected unnecessarily on so many occasions.

Another issue affecting the industry is the amount of time event organisers spend trying to obtain documentation from caterers which proves their eligibility to trade safely and legally at their events; as well as the time involved in sending appropriate information to the local authority’s and attending SAG meetings.

Meeting needs. Making things better.

That’s where Connect comes in; with Connect, local authorities will know when and where a caterer is trading, prior to the event, allowing them to view traders’ documents and plan inspections effectively.

In turn, event organisers can have more confidence in their traders and rest safe in the knowledge that they’re running a safe event. Having instant access to the documents they require allows event organisers to better prepare themselves for an upcoming event as it allows them to contact the relevant local authority with event manuals as well as giving them the chance to reply to inspector’s comments.

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Mobile caterers subsequently have fewer inspections to deal with and more time to concentrate on doing what they do best, cooking great food. Their documents will only have to be updated when they expire, which means that they can apply for multiple jobs with just one click.

Connect is a sustainable solution, enabling each sector to go paperless and calculate the energy usage per event, which will not only work to save money, but will also dramatically reduce the impact of the event industry on the environment.

NCASS Connect
Where do NCASS come in?

NCASS is the UK’s foremost trade association for mobile caterers. We provide caterers with the information, systems and support to trade safely, legally and profitably. NCASS Connect strengthens our offering and promotes a more congruous industry by encouraging communication and making laborious processes more efficient.

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