Enforcement Officers

Let’s cut out the confusion.
Reduce time, money and resources wasted over-inspecting mobile traders.
Retarget those things where they’re really needed.

Having a well-regulated and compliant industry is our mantra. We want to help environmental officers streamline their work ensuring they can inspect and keep members of the public safe. Connect is a smart, simple way to inspect traders without carrying armfuls of documents around onsite. It allows you to assess due diligence documentation and training certificates for individual traders online before you do a site visit. And it’s free.


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Here’s how you’ll benefit…

obtain documents
Obtain documents

Get immediate access to legal documentation of any trader you need to inspect.
Check for full compliance whether you’re in the office or a muddy field.

view history
View histories

Gain insight to individual trader histories.
View comments and reports logged
by other enforcement officers.
Then leave feedback of your own.

assess effectively

Assess effectively

Check documentation and instruct that issues be resolved. Make comments for yourself or other enforcement officers. And if necessary, report a trader who’s working illegally.

allocate efficiently
Allocate efficiently

Use your assessments to allocate resources to inspect traders in a targeted way, or to discuss a full inspection with their registered authority.

communicate quickly
Communicate quickly

Communicate with event and market organisers. Let them know the results of your checks so they can take appropriate action.

plan prouctively
Plan productively

Make inspections more manageable.
Create lists of traders for inspection by area, by event or just at random.

NCASS Connect enables data protection and secure log-in so you can access documents anytime, anywhere.
Search for businesses trading locally by name, Connect passport number, food type or local authority registration area.